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Principal Investigators

Content and Digitalization: Frank Baron
System and Development: Detlev Doherr

Active Participants

  Andreas Jankowski


Grant Adams, Indra Arief, Ignacio Arcos Béjar, Bruce Bradley, Jennifer Brussow, Rex Clark, David Collins, Bartholomew Dean, Oleg Doulov, Scott Downie, Raymond Erickson, Anna Finney, Richard Fyffe, Armin Graf, Enamul Haque, Chris Hare, Glenn Hudspeth, Sergei Karvatsky,  Ildiko Kristof, Michael Krings, Ingo Kuntzsch, Catherine Mardikes, Brian McClendon, Zsolt Mohi, Mark Mort, Mark Olsen, Kathy Porsch, Anke Renning, Andrea Rieck, Sandra Ristovska, Jorgina Ross, Mike Schilli, Dallas Schmitendorf, Annica Schütt, John Simmons, Shilpa Sirkonda, Gabriela Solis, Aimee Stewart, Shyamala Tamara, Linda Trueb, Julia Trumpold, Viola Várjáskeri, Johannes Wilbert, and William I. Woods., Armand Brahaj, Mojammal Hoque, Alexander Bejarano, Sandra Rebok, Miguel Ángel Puig-Samper  


Max Kade Center, Lawrence, Kansas
The Max Kade Center at the University of Kansas provides a forum for literary, artistic, historical, and musical events that document the role of German-speaking immigrants in the development of American culture, and, in particular, of German-speaking refugees from Nazi oppression, in the formation of twentieth-century American culture.  

University of Applied Sciences - Offenburg, Germany
The database, the system modules and the content management of the Website are based on a Linux server, which is hosted by the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg, Germany. The continous research work and developments are embedded in the Master study program "Communication and Media Engineering".  

Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, USA
The Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering, and Technology maintains comprehensive collections and provides educational programs and exhibits. It boasts extensive resources for Alexander von Humboldt. These materials have been essential for the digitized content of the digital library.