First proposed as a digital library to the Max Kade Center in 1999 by Rex Clark, the Humboldt digital library project evolved through preliminary working meetings and conferences with support of a Transcoop grant of the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung and Stiftung Deutsch-Amerikanisches Konzil. Active participants in this initial stage were Frank Baron, Rex Clark, Detlev Doherr, Wolfgang Griep, Ulrike Leitner, and Anke Renning. The principal investigators also gratefully acknowledge support of the General Research Fund of the University of Kansas, the research fund of the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg, and the National Science Foundation experimental program (EPSCoR).
Important developments of the search module were supported by a fellowship of the Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, to Detlev Doherr for continuing the programming at Max-Kade Center and Linda Hall Library.
SInce that time the project is running with support of the Universities of Kansas and Offenburg, and several Master theses on the technical platform for developing features of semantic search options withhin the text data, searchability of table data, and dynamic linkage between Google Mapy and the library have been running under the supervision of Detlev Doherr in Germany.