Frequently Asked Questions

- Do I need to register in order to have access to the Humboldt Digital Library Books?
No. All the published material on this page can be browsed without the need to login or register. The registration will create a profile for personal use, where you can add personal notes, create favorites etc.


- Why create a User profile?
When you create a user profile, you create your own space inside the Humboldt Digital Library Project. In this section you can keep track of the mos interesting topics by adding them to the favorites, you can make your personal notes and additional services will be added in the future.

- Can I contribute with comments (notes) to clarify some of the paragraphs from Humboldt?
Please use the contact form to contact us regarding this issue. The system has a Editor Notes modules where Academic clarifying notes are welcomed to be added in the system.

- What is the Relevance Map?
The relevance map is presented only to visitors with a profile.
Our systems retrieves contiounsly information about the behaviors of the users within our the system. Based on these interactions and based on the preferences the user has set up in the User Profiles, we are able to create a set of suggestive paragraphs. These paragraphs in most of the cases are relevant to your profile and tent to offer useful information to you. The level of the relevance is shown in 3 different colors, as the image in the right indicates.

The calulation of the Heat Map is based on a Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) Logger
The CBR Logger relies heavily on the user profiles. A logger normally gets in the scene once a user has logged in with his profile account. For each of the operations:
  • Click Make
  • Personal Note
  • Make Editor Note
  • Add Paragraph to Favorites (Bookmark)
the Logger stores an authority weight in the database.
The Authority of Weight expresses a value of Interest for each Paragraph in the Digital Library. The influence weight is composed from the union of specific weights from the above options.

Authority Weight = Weight of Click + 5x(Weight of Note) + 50x(Weight of Editor Note)+10x(Weight of Favorite)